1. By The Ocean

From the recording Forward Nocturnal Imagination

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The ocean will always be a special place where ideas a born into great plans.


Midnight on the sand, big yellow moon reflecting on the water.
Salt air fills my lungs it's doing me good, it's so cold and numb.
Take my boots off so I can better feel, that cold wet sand it makes my heart run.

I was sitting by the ocean. By the ocean, with my mind wide open.
Unloading all the weight I carry into the water.
Reborn with the sun.
Down by the ocean.


Collecting shells and a memory.
Live positive and free is the way I try to be.
If you should stumble or you should fall,
go down by the ocean and let it all wash away.

Oh yeah, Just waiting for a sign.
That haunting siren call.
I've put in my time, down by the ocean.