Dan Gober


From his early rock roots to spacey delayed guitars to percussion work using metal pipes and hammers. Dan Gober has never sat still, his music has evolved throughout his career. Never settling on one genre of music, set of instruments or voice used to carry his message.


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Rosemary Pratka,The Morning Call

DAN GOBER: Dan Gober, a Philadelphia native who now makes his home in the Lehigh Valley, is becoming a familiar face on the local music scene, playing well-received shows at Bethlehem venues such as The Wildflower Cafe and The Funhouse.

His debut disc, "little fish" (Lunar Face), is an aural pleasure that mixes rock, blues and folk with Gober's personal style of singing and songwriting -- it sounds like an experiment gone right.

Gober's guitar playing has a comfortable, easy feel even when handling tricky slide moves as on "Quarter After Five." His voice can be rough-hewn and raspy. On "Never Say Nothin'," he sounds like a bitter soul when he sings, "I got the rock 'n' roll band/And all the people that you see/Yeah they're listening to me/But you never say nothin' nice to me anymore." Along with the recrimination, there is also a touch of humor.

On "Everybody Goes To Sleep Now," Gober's voice takes on a Kurt Cobain "Unplugged" feel, and "Portrait of a Lost Man" has a slow, country twang and introspective lyrics that calls to mind the songwriting and vocalizing of Ryan Adams.

Gober calls his style "junk rock," but listening to "little fish" feels more like finding a hidden treasure.

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