From the recording ghosts and apologies

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For the ones we couldn't save.

Intro production is minimal until big drums enter. Big delayed guitars take the solo closing out the tune.


Blinded by lies, you wash the blood from your hands but their stained.
Nothing wants to die, nothing wants the pain and fear that you project.
With calculated precision and sharpened teeth.

Murder she cried, to the memory of you.
Erase the man, erase the lies, replace with the truth.
Or a version of it written for fools.

Stumbling through the dark, falling out of control.
Without a light, without a hope to hold that help is on its way.
Forever lost and forgotten the heart grows colder everyday.

We mustn’t be the only ones.
Why can’t you see the harm you’ve done?
Be the voice for the voiceless ones.
The sun will set when the killing’s done.
How can you find joy in murder?