From the recording Forward Nocturnal Imagination

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If you've seen me perform anytime during the "Little Fish" era chances are you've heard me perform this song. Even when I performed with a full band I played this song solo acoustic.

I wanted to keep this bare bones and acoustic driven. Since I've been carrying this song for so long I was comfortable with it. I trimmed a lot off! In between each "verse" I would perform a little fill progression. It worked in a live setting but for this recording it had to go. The middle eight I bring in some backing vocals which was a quick idea that seemed to work well.

Love is beautiful like a diamond.



I know that we belong. And I know that this love is strong. Meet you underneath that old birch tree. Just wait a little while wait a little while for me. It took a little while took a little while to see.

Sometimes it’s so hard to understand how someone so good and true could get mixed up with this junk man. Fill my glass with whiskey I'll be sitting with the devil at the bar, try to push him away but it seems he's always not too far.

Kicking around my old hometown I never want to let it go cause you never know the heart of this city done has some room to grow. We can start right now just take a moment let it show.

I love you just like honey and a bee. I need you just like the fish needs the sea. We have so much good things on the road ahead. Shoot me full of diamonds just leave the bullets by the bed.