From the recording Forward Nocturnal Imagination

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So all joking aside...This concept really did come to me in a dream. I clearly remember a melody and chord progression. It took shape very quickly. Even more so, helped further shape the concept of this collection of songs. Everything centered around dreams.

Production was mostly straightforward. The first bit of the tune centered around the acoustic guitar driving the song. Typical rock setup of drums, bass and electric guitar. Underneath is a synthesizer that has a sort of swelling distortion sound to it. It mostly pokes out when the drums drop out after the solo.

The end of course is a bigger sound. I used a lot of voices making up a "Junk man's choir" if you will. And lots of synthesizer string and horn patches.

All in all a tender tune and positive energy.



You came to me. Though I can barely see, for it was so early, in my little dream. We crossed oceans of time and travel through space. Though I could barely keep up when I am awake. We're moving fast without any brakes. We gotta slow down and enjoy our take. Music is love, yes I share it all. Wouldn't it be great if we sang along.

It's a funny thing how it comes to me. Just like this song in my little dream. Said I've got these friends you know they are the best, not a moment goes by that I don't feel blessed. Can't forget family, mine's growing like a tree. Children carry the line in this forest of pine. I'll always believe in the heart of mankind, to do the right thing, to be good and kind.

In my little dream. There’s no fighting for. Got so much love that you can't shut the drawer. In my little dream there's no turning back. Feels like I'm driving my heart without a map. In my little dream, we all get along. We only gotta a moment and then it's gone.

Yeah In my little dream we all shine like a light. Well I'm gonna shine with all my might.