From the recording Forward Nocturnal Imagination

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I originally wrote this piece of music for a commercial. It ended up not being used but I enjoyed it and thought it was a fun way to open the album. I pictured this fast paced California desert scene which helped give way to the tracks title.

The opening swell I used a theremin. And the bleeps and bloops throughout I used an analog synthesizer. I doubled the bass progression with a bass synth. The drums are mostly kick and snare and crash and big toms at the end. The ride cymbal is actually electronically programmed. For whatever reason at the time, I liked the way it sounded better than an acoustic ride so I kept it. I also doubled the drums with metal percussion to help drive the beat.

The rhythm guitar is running through an automated wah wah preset. I never liked fiddling with a wah wah pedal so this was a nice option. Lead guitar is big but mostly basic.

Big synth strings and horns to build up the end. And some reverse recorded metal percussion to close the piece.

~ Enjoy!