1. I Saw A Light

From the recording The Last Night On Planet Earth

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DG - acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, organ, keys, shaker, drums, hand claps, vocals


The desert wants another life. Feed her dunes to keep her bright. Spill the blood upon her sand. Maybe that was her dying plan. The devil binds another plight. Now she’s got you in the palm of her hand. In the dark without a light. Searching through your mind long and strange for days. All the gold for your life. Trade it all for a blade. And a body of water. The desert reaches for a fight. Wind creeps up from behind And with it miles of ammunition. Ravens foresee a slaughter. The coyotes offer up a dirty proposition. It’s so sad and strange. We never learn from our mistakes we just take and take. All the while in the dark. Forever lost in her dunes. Clouds part I saw a light been waiting for it all my life All its beauty and its might Cut through me like a knife When I saw a light. There was no fear or deceit. Gentle hand like a thief no need to lie no need to cheat. There was no fight. I saw a light.