1. Erin

From the recording The Last Night On Planet Earth

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DG - acoustic and electric guitars, shaker, tambourine, drums, vocals
Buddy Sweets - bass guitar


Erin, Erin all over again. Erin, Erin you’re my very best friend. I hurt you long ago, You said you weren’t gonna take it no more. Erin, Erin sweet like sugar cane. Loved you so much now we are estranged. You used to live next door, But now you moved and you’re Erin no more. Sitting on the beach just you and me. Listening to the waves crash under our feet. We should get in its getting dark. Or maybe take a ride down the boulevard. I haven’t seen you in so many years, The laughter was great and so were the tears. You left here long ago. You said you weren’t coming back here no more. Erin, Erin all over again. Erin, Erin I miss you my friend.