1. Variety

From the recording The Last Night On Planet Earth

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DG - acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, piano, keys, drums, shaker, claves, vocals


There's a spice in life. Many choices is always kind of nice. Short, tall, thick or thin. Gots somethin' for everyone, What's your poison? What's your sin? Extra toppings, many flavors. Can I get that on the side? I'm not ready to commit yet, I think I'll just have a bite. There is a spice in life. Once you get a taste for it. Well you'll see that I'm right. Purple, blue, green and orange. You pick what you like. Did I mention we got orange? I don't mean to sound pretentious. I'm just stating, just stating what the facts is. Variety, Oh there is a spice in life. Pickup dirty habits go on get a vice. Some like the cold some like the heat. Others live like crazy animals convinced that the moon is made of cheese. Variety is the spice of life.