1. Fox Is A Bomb

From the recording The Last Night On Planet Earth

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DG - electric guitars, shaker, tambourine, drums, vocals
Buddy Sweets - bass guitar


18 to 80 blind crippled or crazy. Her legs went on for days. Left me moaning for more. I want more. I want more. But what really did it for me is how she stayed so sweet. She stopped the traffic in the street. She’ll bring you to your knees. 103 degrees with a rose between my teeth. I stood there in the street. With my heart up on my sleeve. She didn’t notice me and all my expertise. She knocked me over like a hurricane. She came on so strong. Yeah this fox is a bomb. Yeah this fox is a bomb. Let’s go! Out there in the street. She’s shakin’ to my junk beat. No one else competes. They just cower at her feet. But she won’t give me the time of day. Wondering where I went wrong. Yeah this fox is a bomb.