1. Bad Intentions

From the recording The Last Night On Planet Earth

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DG - electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, organ, analog synth, vocals


Bad Intentions baby I got them over you. Haven’t got a cure or a clue. I’ll live to be your biggest regret, No shame in hiding but you can bet I’ll find you. Heaven will never let me through. And when you go to sleep at night. Well I creep on out of sight and go down. Where my conscience can’t be found. Libations and rock n’ roll get me in trouble Or so I’m told over you. Bad Intentions to work through. I’m a bastard, I’m a cheat, I’m a liar, I’m a thief. Don’t shake your head momma in disbelief. All this grief and tensions yours to keep over you. Bad Intensions baby I tried to warn you. Cannot lose what we never knew. Out there crawling yeah so far gone. Probably can’t see this devil spawn over you. Backbone, grit and fortitude. Clip those wings, cage the beast. Won’t stop hunting summer nights to feast. Victims walking in compromise. Bad Intentions to devise over you.